Co-stars at Co* in Vegas Seven

No Green Felt Journal this week because it’s a special Double Issue, but I did get a quick write-up of Co*, the Cosmopolitan’s not-a-cafeteria employee eatery in the Latest section in Vegas Seven:

At the Cosmopolitan’s ribbon-cutting ceremony Dec. 15, property CEO John Unwin paid tribute to the 5,000 employees—the Cosmo term is “co-stars”—delivering “spirited and vibrant” service to the new resort’s guests.

“They do this in a way that’s crafted, yet unscripted,” he declared. “This resort will show its personality through the personalities of our co-stars.” The employees, he made clear, were the most important part of the new resort.

With such a heavy responsibility on the people doing the work, what is the Cosmopolitan doing to make them feel ready for their closeup every day?

via Dining With the Co-stars | Vegas Seven.

I’d like to learn more about Co*. The most different thing that I saw is that it’s not just a fill-your-plate and take-your-seat cafeteria: there are prices on the food, and cashiers to ring up your order.

All of the entrees I saw were under $8, and the Cosmopolitan gives employees and $8-per-shift allowance for food, so it seems like it’s a push if you eat one hot meal per shift. Soft drinks and snacks were free.

I don’t know what kind of cost savings Cosmopolitan will get from controlling the portion sizes in this way–will it offset the time lost in waiting in line, and the payroll expenses for cashiers? And does the casino have to pay taxes on employee meals now, since they’re being bought rather than given away? Good questions that I hope I can learn the answers to.

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