New Occasional Paper at UNLV

Hey everyone, I’ve just posted a new occasional paper over at It’s part of a bigger study of locals sports books by recent UNLV sociology Ph.D. Fred Krauss:

Fred Krauss. “Taking the Points: The Socialization Process of a Sports Book Regular.”

Patrons of a casino sports book use the environment for much more than the instrumental task of sports betting. It is also a place to congregate with other like-minded patrons and through this process complex interactional dynamics develop over time. The social world of the sports book emerges in a designated space for the betting act where patrons meet, interact, and establish a culture to which they adhere.

Read paper (pdf)

This was an interesting one–I see Krauss’s work as an extension of John D. Rosecrance’s seminal Degenerates of Lake Tahoe, a ground-breaking study of horse players in, wild guess, Lake Tahoe. I look forward to seeing more from Dr. Krauss.

I’ve also been editing the CGR header a bit–I’m still not totally happy with it, but if I was, my job would be pretty boring.

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