Harrah’s Twitter Team in Vegas 7

Thursday means another Green Felt Journal in Vegas Seven. This week I discuss the team behind Harrah’s tweets:

Social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook have been invaluable tools for casinos. They can foster a sense of familiarity with guests, but they are anything but casual. Plenty of work goes into manning the new-media ramparts for Las Vegas casinos.

Harrah’s Entertainment took its embrace of new media to the next level by launching its New Media team in February. The group, directed by David Koloski, includes Eric Petersen, the manager of social media strategy, who takes the company’s interactive Tweeting and Facebooking very seriously.

via New Media team keeps Harrah’s up to speed | Vegas Seven.

I’ve just finished my pilot study of casino Twitter, which is available here. If I have time today in between a few other updates and other work stuff, I’ll try to post some of my thoughts on the study.

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