Brito’s Gambet

It’s Thursday, which means a new Green Felt Jungle piece in Vegas Seven. This week, I talk about one of the more interesting game inventors I’ve met, Jose Brito:

There’s never any shortage of new table games in Nevada. Right now, there are 557 table games approved for the state’s casinos, though you rarely see more than a dozen or so at any casino. But Jose Brito’s quest to find a niche shows that an Old Vegas attitude doesn’t have to mean more of the same old games.

Brito is a genuine casino old-timer who broke into the business at age 23 dealing blackjack, baccarat and roulette in Havana in the 1950s. The Tropicana Night Club Casino and El Casino at the famous Havana Hilton were excellent training grounds, and Brito learned the nuts and bolts of gambling there.

via Casino old-timer getting back in game with Gambet | Vegas Seven.

Brito has a really interesting story, and his game makes a lot of sense. I hope it gets a shot on the Strip.

UPDATE: I’ve been told that Brito has a few demonstrations scheduled, and is very interested in talking to casino executives about his game. Brito is working with Reggie Burton Communications to market the game to casinos. If you are a gaming executive interested in a demonstration, please contact Reggie Burton at 702-558-9202 or email to

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