Speaking of baccarat…

I’ve posted a new report at the Center for Gaming Research website: a statistical breakdown of the evolution of Nevada baccarat, 1992-2010. Here’s my description:

This chart shows the trajectory of Nevada baccarat since 1992. The total baccarat win and number of tables grown over the past eighteen years, both in absolute terms and as a percentage of the total gaming win and number of games. Even the 2007?2010 recession, which has caused gaming revenues to decline, has not slowed the increasing dominance of baccarat in Nevada casinos. Currently, a game which in 2003 represented less than four percent of total gaming win for the state now represents over twelve percent of it. This more?than?tripling of market share is significant because the game caters to a smaller clientele than most games and is particularly susceptible to disruptions in national and international travel. The numbers show, however, that in the past five years, even as the industry has declined, it has become more reliant on baccarat revenues.

Important stuff. You can read the report here.

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