From slots to strippers

That’s the trajectory at Bill’s Lake Tahoe. From the LVRJ:

Harrah’s sells Bill’s Lake Tahoe casino site

It’s hard to say what Bill Harrah would have thought about this. On one hand, he was by no means shy around women–he was married seven times. On the other hand, he wanted Harrah’s Lake Tahoe to be, above all, a classy facility, and insisted on things like two bathrooms in a guest room. I think they still have the original commode-view TVs installed, but that’s beside the point. Somehow having a strip club out front doesn’t scream “class” to me, but times have changed since Bill was running the place.

From an economic point of view, that’s 310 slot machines that Lake Tahoe and the state won’t be getting back, and a further sign of the area’s decline as a gaming spot. It’s still a very attractive destination, though it’s hard to really reconcile a strip club with Tahoe as I see it.

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