Fun or bad? You decide

No Green Felt Journal in Vegas Seven this week because of a production error, but there’s always next week to look forward to, and I’ve got a piece about the promotion of Las Vegas in the Business Press this week:

Maybe it isn't. While the ads are amusing and have a fair shot of “going viral,” they have a subtext that we might want to think twice about broadcasting.

This subtext goes back to the general premise of the ad, that a beleaguered worker drone has to resort to trickery to take a vacation to Las Vegas. We rarely need excuses to do things that are good for us. The implication is that Las Vegas is bad for us.

via Las Vegas Business Press :: David G. Schwartz : Better to promote LV as fun rather than bad.

The piece I wrote for this week’s Vegas Seven will see the light of day soon. Unless it’s been edited down since I last saw it, the column is a real milestone–my first overt Star Trek reference. That, and it’s features some insightful analysis, of course.

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