Keeping busy

One of the things that’s been keeping me from rolling out that slot hold survey is the jurisdictions section of the Center for Gaming Research website. During the podcast I did with Steve Bourie, I talked a bit about how the section was a work in progress. Since then, I’ve been trying to get it somewhere close to what I envision for it.

Optimally, I want the section to become a starting-point for research into gambling in all the US states, with historical info and stats on lotteries, pari-mutuel wagering, commercial casinos, and Indian casinos.

I’m posting the first jurisdictional summaries with less than this–mostly lottery and commercial casino info–because I figure it’s better to get started and get some of the info out there than to have nothing at all.

So, here are a few summaries that you can browse:


New Jersey







I’m in the process of doing the Delaware summary, and it’s a lot of fun. The regulators post the monthly slot data, but no annual summaries, so there’s a lot of math involved, with plenty of room for error, which means I have to do a lot of double-checking. It keeps me off the streets.

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