ACG podcast interview

If you’re curious, here’s another podcast interview that I’ve done in the past few weeks, with American Casino Guide:

For the January podcast Steve interviews David Schwartz, Director of the Center for Gaming Research at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. They discuss some of the materials contained in the Gaming Research collection, plus they talk about some of the unique documents and artifacts that are featured on the Center's web site.

To visit the podcast page, go to:

On that page you can also access past interviews with noted gaming authorities, including: Jean Scott, Max Rubin, Bob Dancer, Stanford Wong, Arnold Snyder, John Grochowski, Henry Tamburin, John Robison, The Wizard of Odds, Bill Burton, Jeffrey Compton, Anthony Curtis and Linda Boyd.

via January 3, 2010 Vegas Values Report – American Casino Guide.

I mostly talk about the Center for Gaming Research website, so if you haven’t checked it out, now you’ve got a personal tour. I’ve been spending most of my time since I did the interview sprucing up the jurisdictions section. There’s four projects there: converting the existing pages to the new CGR page format, which is wider and centered (in line with the eventual UNLV web standard); getting ready to add material from the 2009 Nevada Gaming Abstract; adding more states to the mix; and adding lottery statistics to states with lotteries. It’s time-consuming, but I’m making some progress.

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