Gambling can save your marriage!

A columnist in the St. Augustine Record has a prescription for women who are dreading the return of football season: gambling!

You can bridge this gap with one of the greatest relationship problem solvers I know: gambling.

Thats right. A few interesting wagers can easily return your family from football fan and widow to weekend playmates.

Heres one: Each of you pick five games a week. College, pro, whatever. Five games, five winners. Doesnt even have to be the same games. Whoever picks the most winners each week is the champ.

Ive seen couples do this and make all kinds of wild bets. Some bet chores. Guys, wouldnt it be awesome to have a beer and watch your wife mow the lawn? Some bets get a little more creative. Girls, how nice does a foot rub from your man sound? Some even involve the bedroom. Use your imagination — this is a family column, people.

The great thing about football is that even the dorkiest expert cant accurately predict every game. So even if you dont know Peyton Manning from the Publix checkout dude, you really still have a shot.

So take heart, football widows, you have hope. Summer might be drawing nigh, but you dont have to be the big loser. In fact, this year you might even come out a few foot rubs and dinners ahead.

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I like that this considers gambling in a broader cultural context. I wonder, though, if the NFL will try to penalize people wagering foot rubs and dinners on the outcome of games. After all, the league has taken a firm stance against betting on games.

The funny thing is that if you consider the foot rubs a service, then technically this is illegal in most states: you are exchanging something of value. Otherwise, you could avoid prosecution for bookmaking by switching from a cash to a barter system. It doesn’t seem practical to me, but I’m sure there’s some financial whiz who could make it work.

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