Getting to the point

It’s never too early to start planning your next writing workshop, particularly if you’re planning to be in Cape May, New Jersey next January 15-18. If you’re inclined towards brief non-fiction (and who isn’t…except for those of us who like lengthy fiction?) you may want to consider beating the crowd and registering now for one of the eight seats in this session:

To the Point: Short Creative Nonfiction – NEW!

Limited to 8 participants

Have an idea for a story or article but not sure how to get started? Have a mix of personal experiences and outside research but don't know how to combine them? Thoughtful prodding, expository exercises, group workshopping and inspired revision will help you build your ideas and notes into a finished 500-2,000 word piece suitable for publishing in a magazine or newspaper. (Led by Dave Schwartz)

via Prose Workshops | Winter Poetry & Prose Getaway in Cape May, NJ.

Visit the Winter Poetry and Prose Getaway site to learn more about this and every thing else that goes on at the Getaway. There are a great many other workshops, including one led by Pulitzer-Prize winning poet Stephen Dunn. The faculty is an incredibly diverse and talented group of poets and writers, so no matter what your literary interest, you should be able to find something to suit your tastes and level.

If you are an educator, you can get professional development credit for attending, and you can even earn graduate credits through Rutgers University. Even if you’re not, it’s a relaxing, rewarding weekend writing retreat that stacks up pretty well next to a weekend in Las Vegas. Registration and a single room package (which includes three days of breakfast and lunch and evening receptions) is $795. If you want to share a room, the price per person drops to $635. Register by November 15 and get a $25 Early Bard discount. That’s not bad for three days of dining, writing, and entertainment. The only extra thing you pay for is dinner. No exorbitant charges for bottle service, no need to try the $20 trick to get a sweet room (most have ocean views), and no worries about getting trick-rolled by your new “friend” who wants to “party” with you. Good times.

There are some great deals in Las Vegas right now, but this is a pretty good deal, too. The Grand Hotel in January is sort of the anti-Strip, so this might be a nice change of pace for some of my readers who usually gravitate to the glitz of the Strip.

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