If a red flag is flying, brazen bold against the blue…

Taking a minute from the grind of analyzing the April Nevada gaming revenues, I figured I’d post this story, which surprisingly hasn’t really been picked up by the Vegas blogosphere. From KLAS:

The Raelian Movement is announcing plans to build a UFOland in Las Vegas where visitors can attend a Happiness Academy and see a full-size replica of a UFO.

Raelians believe that humanity was created by extraterrestrial scientists and they want to share their belief with visitors to Las Vegas. They will also host a museum and a 1000-seat theatre where their spiritual leader, Rael, will give lectures.

"The museum will display all the evidence weve gathered for the past 35 years that shows we were indeed created by scientists — highly advanced human beings from another planet," said Ricky Roehr, leader of the North American Raelian Movement.

He said he expects the UFOland to become one of the most popular destinations in Las Vegas within the next five years.

There is no word on where UFOland will be built.

The Raelians Target Las Vegas for a UFOland – Las Vegas Now |.

If I recall correctly, these are the same folks who announced that they’d cloned a human being several years ago.

I wonder if they’ve spent much time in Las Vegas, though. Unless Rael is going to do impressions, magic, ventriloquism, comedy, or all four, I can’t see him filling the room.

I’m not entirely convinced that calling their spiritual center “UFOland” and putting it in Las Vegas is the best way to establish their legitimacy. Slot machines did pretty well for the Fosterites, so maybe I’m wrong here.

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