New UNLV podcast: Interview with John M. Blink

As promised, I’m continuing the podcast even while the Colloquium series goes on hiatus for the summer. Yesterday I did an interview with John Blink, who co-wrote a book about the California Hotel and Casino. Last week I reviewed the book, so take a look if you want a preview.

This is a quick (about 20 minute) interview that nevertheless touches on several topics: Blink’s start with Sam Boyd as a teenager, Sam Boyd’s management style, the Eldorado, the Union Plaza, the California, marketing, and of course Hawai’i. I learned some interesting things from talking to John.

Plus, you’ll learn how you can get a free bowl of saimin noodles at Aloha Specialties. This one is all good.

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Also, I’ve done a cool new logo for the podcast:
UNLV Gaming Podcast

Is anyone geeky enough to know what that’s an homage to?

UPDATE: We have a winner: Joe, who guessed it right:

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