Visit Mister Falcon in Mesquite?

In Steve Cyr’s talk last week, he made more than one reference to Mister Falcon, a legendary high roller who’s apparently been seen in town with Bruce Willis. I don’t know what you thought you heard, but that’s what the work-safe version should sound like. I was thinking about Mister Falcon today when I got an email from Mesquite:

All Clark County residents are invited to escape momentarily to the beautiful Falcon Ridge Hotel or Highland Estates Resort in Mesquite, Nevada. Both properties are offering you awesome rates of $39.00 Sunday through Thursday and $49.00 Friday and Saturday throughout this summer.

To book your room at the Falcon Ridge Hotel, call 702-346-2000.

This is another one of those things that seems hysterical to me, but ymmv.

It also got me thinking that maybe Mesquite could punch it up a bit by advertising “a monkeyfighting vacation in a Monday to Friday resort.”

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