The personality of Nevada

Having picked up this personality study from Marginal Revolution, I followed it through to a handy interactive map that will help me share with you the aggregate personality of Nevadans.

The United States of Mind –

Here is where Nevada ranks:
Extraversion: 37
Agreeableness: 48
Conscientiousness: 24

So your typical Nevadan is withdrawn, surly, willing to do his job but not go the extra mile, relaxed, and open to new things. I can live with that. I found it interesting that our scores closely paralleled California’s (but not for agreeableness).

Do you think this accurately reflects Nevadans’ composite personality?

The original article is here (pdf).

Also, you can take the Big Five Test for yourself, then see which state you are most like. Fun stuff.

Hey, it was either this or an analysis of the February gaming revenue numbers, and I don’t want to make Nevada any more neurotic. At least not today. I’ll have the analysis of the revenue numbers by Thursday, for the Vegas Gang. For now, I’ll just share that penny slots are up, everything else is down, and baccarat is really, really down. I’m talking more than 50% down. Expect to hear analysts use the phrase “weakening high-end play” in the next media cycle.

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