In 1969, Florida-based fast-food chain Lum’s bought Caesars Palace. Lum’s was best known for their hot dogs and beer, but the company owned a slew of businesses, including the Abner’s family fast food chain (which didn’t serve beer), Dirr’s processed meats, and Eagle Army-Navy stores.

One of the top items on Lum’s menu was the “Lumburger” which was probably just an ordinary burger cooked at Lum’s.

Why is this notable? If you’ve seen Office Space, you already know. If not, here’s a clip of the unforgettable Bill Lumberg in action:

I just picture ordering the burger as being something like this: “Yeaah, I’m going to have to go ahead and ask for a Lumburger, all right? And could you throw some tomatoes on there too? Is that a problem?”

This was funnier in my head than it is on the web.

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