Lobster’s 11

I apologize for missing this when it first came out, but better late than never. From the AC Press:

An intruder into the Ballys Atlantic City kitchen was nabbed Thursday night with 91 pounds of frozen lobster stuffed under his clothes and in a backpack, according to Atlantic City police.

The would-be Danny Ocean planned his crustacean crime for just after 10 p.m. Thursday, but was foiled when a Ballys surveillance operator spotted him as he was sneaking out of the kitchen – very slowly sneaking out of the kitchen, apparently, as "his clothing was very bulky and he appeared to be concealing items beneath his clothing," police said.

The alleged thief was quickly detained by Ballys security, who allegedly discovered more than $1,200 in concealed shellfish.

"He and the lobsters were escorted to the security holding facility to await the arrival of the police," was how the police statement described the situation.

Atlantic City man in hot water over lobster theft.

Of all the things you could steal out of a casino….lobsters? Frozen lobsters? Not cash or chips? I guess it was a crime of perceived opportunity.

In my illustrious career in casino security, I once escorted a wayward sparrow off property, but I never got to work with lobsters. Clearly, I left too soon.

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