I love AC

Here is a classic “only in Atlantic City” story: the city’s casinos must ban smoking for a week because it will take that long for the city council to vote on delaying the ban for a year. Huh? From the AC Press:

On Wednesday, Atlantic City is supposed to become the largest casino market in the country to go completely smoke-free. No one will be allowed to smoke on the casino floor, but they will be able to light up in lounges that contain no slot machines or gaming tables.

But in a last-minute change of plans, City Council voted 5-4 on Wednesday to delay the smoking ban for at least a year to give the casino industry time to recover from the nations economic crisis. However, questions remain over just how long the smokeout will last because council may not cast the final vote that is needed to delay the ban until Oct. 22.

[NOTE: The ban will last seven days.]

Council President William Marsh said the city could either hold a special vote Oct. 18 – a Saturday – or stick to the regularly scheduled meeting Oct. 22. As of Thursday evening, a consensus could not be met.

Vote to delay casino smoking ban creates a cloud of confusion

There’s nothing like the people’s elected representatives carefully administering a thoughtful public policy. You wouldn’t think that such a policy, which will impact the health, physical and fiscal, of thousands, would be made up as they go along.

But in fact, it seems suspiciously like they just didn’t care.

Just how will the temporary ban happen? At the stroke of midnight, will everyone be forced to stop smoking? And how will it end? Will there be some kind of announcement–“hey, smoke if you got ’em!”

In an industry dominated by slick corporate smooth-talking, you’ve got to love this good old-fashioned municipal ineptitude.

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