2 new articles

I’ve got two new articles elsewhere on the web, including a piece in the LVBP where I ponder the strangely-bifurcated marketing strategy at Paris Las Vegas:

While browsing a popular online travel Web site recently, I noticed something strange: There are two major resort hotels at 3655 Las Vegas Boulevard South. The listing for Paris Las Vegas was nothing shocking, but a bit further was a listing for “Gay Paris Las Vegas,” at the exact same location.

We’ll always have Paris … or will we?

I’ve got about 470 more words on the subject, if you click through.

For you Atlantic City history buffs (properly, I should say “youse Atlantic City history buffs), check out Casino Connection: I’ve got an article on the 1964 Democratic Convention, which strangely enough no one seems to talk about much anymore. It was a defining moment in the civil rights movement and the history of Atlantic City, for completely different reasons.

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