Winslow’s 11 2008 is out!

And it’s only seven months into the year, too the 2008 version of Winslow’s 11 Guide is out. Well, that’s the kind of devotion I show to something for which I receive faint but welcome praise and no cash. Seriously, I’ve had a lot going on, so getting this out is a real victory for me.
Winslow\'s 11 2008

It’s mostly the same as last year’s guide, but shorter, and with necessary changes. Two restaurants that I liked went out of business, one stopped being good, and several attractions, from the Mirage’s white tigers to the Frontier–are no more.

So enjoy this, because with my workload only getting tougher, I wouldn’t hold my breath for the 2009 version.

Download the pdf right here, or visit the Will Winslow page.

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