A story you’ll never hear in Vegas

I assume that Rainawari is somewhere in the Kashmir, but from this story, I imagine that it’s quite different from Las Vegas. From Greater Kashmir Online Edition:

The residents of Mirzabagh, Mughal Mohalla, Rainawari and other adjoining areas Tuesday alleged that the areas have become hub of gamblers.
A delegation from the areas told Greater Kashmir that gamblers from every nook and corner of the city assemble in parks and other secluded spots in the area. “We didn’t allow our children to move out. It has become a nuisance and a hub of gambling and drugs,” they said.
They have appealed the police and the concerned superintendent of police to visit the area and arrest the gamblers and drug addicts.
Gambling nuisance in Rainawari areas

Here, it would be more like “residents were overjoyed that the area became a hub of gamblers, because it meant that the state budget might yet be saved.”

One man’s vice is another man’s tax base.

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