Lost & found & arrested

When I worked casino security, I used to enjoy seeing all sorts of strange items turn up in the lost and found. But I never got anyone arrested, like these folks did. From foxnews:

A man has been charged in Kitsap County for possession of a controlled substance after he made the mistake of attempting to retrieve a bag containing methamphetamine from the Suquamish Casino’s lost-and-found.

The casino’s security officer alerted the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office when the bag was found to contain three knives, a bag of white crystals identified as meth, some jewelry, a small digital scale and some blood pressure medication.

The 33-year-old Seattle man’s identification was also in the bag, which was turned in by a customer.

As a deputy was speaking with the security officer this week, the man came up and told him he was looking for his missing black bag. The man confirmed the bag was his and a deputy placed him under arrest.

The man was also charged with possession of prescription drugs without a prescription and possession of a dangerous weapon.

Man Busted for Retrieving Meth From Casino’s Lost-and-Found

It’s an interesting mix: drugs, knives, jewelry, and an ID. I bet they had a ball writing up that report.

This is probably going to make it into one of those “America’s Dumbest Criminals” shows.

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