Comments that don’t stay in Vegas

You might have heard about Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee’s wife staying at Hooters Las Vegas the night of the Taylor/Pavlik fight. Browsing the comments at SF Gate, I thought one of them really put the whole story in perspective:

I think I’d be more worried that the Huckabees’ want to get in the White House and don’t have any juice to get a better hotel room? hahahahaa…

Huckabee’s wife takes a breather at a Vegas fight, rests at Hooters

Maybe we should cancel one of the debates and instead give each of the candidates a challenge: they’ve got one hour to get the best comped room in Vegas they can. After all, we want a candidate with ingenuity, charm, and connections, and trying to get a room here, particularly on a fight weekend, requires all three. If we combine this with the drug and intelligence/aptitude tests I’ve advocated before, we’d get a much better idea of who we’re voting for. I mean, would you want someone to be the leader of the free world if they couldn’t do better themselves into the Riviera?

On a related note (by which I mean that this is completely unrelated), I have further evidence that Vegas is, in fact, part of the mirror universe: I got more feedback and attention for the only harsh review I’ve ever given a book than I have for all the other’s I’ve done, combined. Being optimistic, understanding, and supportive=labor in obscurity. Being mean=instantly engage readers. Maybe the behavior control technician was right, after all.

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