The changes are cast

I’ve just finished–for now–what has become an annual rite, my making over this site.

This year, with an incredible amount of stuff to do, it’s a relatively small set of changes. That, and the fact that I’m pretty happy with the way the site already looks.

If you haven’t done already, hit “refresh” on your browser so you can see the changes.

The most obvious is the redesigned banner. For one, I’ve decided to change the title to “THE die is cast” from just “Die is Cast” (I’ve lost the caps, too). I just think it reads better that way.

Second, I’ve changed the images in the banner from the old Roman dice to something old and something new: Ajax and Achilles shooting dice on the left, and some gone and forgotten signage from the Boardwalk Casino on the right. I’m shooting for a graphic that underscores the enduring influence of chance in the human endeavor.

En route to that, I monkeyed around a little with fonts and made some other subtle changes.

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