Cats hit jackpot at casino

There was a problem a while back with a Nye County cat sanctuary’s operators mistreating a few hundred cats. As it only could be in Nevada, a casino is making the problem go away…sort of. From KLAS:

Best Friends Animal Society’s great cat rescue continues, as 41 lucky kitties found their forever homes at the “Change Their Luck” adoption event in Pahrump at the Nugget hotel and casino on Saturday.

Not only were 41 out of 50 cats adopted, but over $900 was raised.

These cats are some of the 400 cats that were surrendered to Nye County Animal Control in July. The national animal welfare organization Best Friends Animal Society was brought in to make life better for these cats, and that means we want them to go home. It is what they deserve.

‘Cats Hit Jackpot’ at Casino Adoption Event

Click through–it’s worth it just for the picture of Pongo.

How about this–a slot machine where the top jackpot is a cat or dog? They could keep the animal in a little pen above the bank of slots, and maybe when you hit a smaller jackpot you get some cat or dog treats to feed the critter.

Sure, there might be problems with animal cruelty and basic hygiene, but it would be more fun than having a car sit on top of the slot carousel.

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