Banish the monkey

I was just given a copy of the minutes of a meeting that a researcher found in UNLV’s University Archives. I’ll let you read the funny part:

Meeting of the Biology Faculty
October 9, 1968


Meeting called to order at 10:05 AM. Members present: Murvosh, Deacon, Niles, Yousef, Austin, and Storm. Babero arrived late at the meeting.

Motion by Deacon in writing and verbally that steps be taken to remove the monkey from University property by the end of October and to absolve the Department and the University of all responsibility pertaining to the monkey. Seconded by Austin. Three in favor, one abstention. Motion carried.

There’s a story behind that, I’m sure. Where did the monkey come from? Why was it so unpopular? Why did one professor abstain? Is the monkey still a fugitive from the bio department today? Why does this make me think of Pepe from Time of the Apes, even though monkeys aren’t apes?

How come the faculty meetings I go to aren’t this fun?

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