Better than casino carpet

At least I think that this online gallery is better than my collection of casino carpet. Now I’ve seen some great online image collections–I’m a huge fan of Dan’s Scary Clowns–but this one, right now, takes the cake. I’ll let the author explain it himself:

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, Lenin statues were pushed over and beheaded as a symbol of the society’s new openness. (That means in the countries occupied by the Russians). In Russia Lenin statues are however still a common sight. Most cities have at least one statue of Lenin and it is usually placed at Lenin square at the most central location. Small towns (up to 20 000 inhabitants) usually have an ugly low budget version or a bust instead.
On this page I have put together the Lenin statues over the world that are known to me. If you have information about other surviving Lenin statues, please mail the author: Contact information Please note that in my mind the communistic system was b-a-d and this page is NOT a tribute to Lenin and it´s not a political site.

Reason 1: It is a tribute to cool propaganda statues and the work of the sculptors. Reason 2: Very likely the typical tourist picture taken by a westerner visiting mother Russia would be: To make that touristic one standing beneath Lenin and imitating him pointing out the way to the perfect society with his giant hand while the other hand is holding his ridicolous but cute cap. When shooting your picture the locals laugh and laugh and some drunkards might even yell at you for taking this, in their mind, very stupid picture. I started that way myself – then it became a sport to find the statue(s) in every visited Russian/CCCP city.
Lenin statues

Go ahead and click through–it’s really quite fascinating.

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