WSOP Final Table

The 2006 edition of the World Series of Poker is nearing its climax. The final table will start playing in about a half an hour down at the Rio. Read Card Player’s recap of Day 7, via video, for all the details of the tournament’s penultimate day.

I’m going to head down to the Rio to see history unfold–and check, raise, and fold–but for those of you who can’t make it, here’s some poker action courtesy of YouTube:

If that was too real and too raw for you, this cinematic gem, which captures the essence of poker attitudes–for teenagers. At first, I thought that “Rough Tilt Poker” might not be suitable for a blog with middling to high standards of propriety, but it’s not offensive at all, unless young kids aping poker desperados offends you:

For a while, I searched ebay for strange gambling auctions when I had a dearth of news to comment on. But between YouTube and MySpace, I’ll have plenty of material on even the slowest days. But check out those gambling auctions–I didn’t know you could buy a foreclosed house on ebay.

Everything in this entry makes me wonder whether the Internet is the greatest or worst thing to happen to human culture in the past hundred years. On one hand, you can connect with millions of people…and on the other, you can connect with millions of people.

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