It’s no secret…

I don’t want to go on a semantic binge here, but please explain to me why is secret. From the NY Post:

Someone’s making a long-shot bet that a Web site will help free David Carruthers, the former BetonSports boss locked up in a St. Louis jail for promoting illegal gambling.

It’s unclear who’s behind the new site,, which appears to have gone up soon after Carruthers was fired by BetonSports PLC, the offshore sports-betting operation indicted about two weeks ago by U.S. authorities in St. Louis, Missouri.

BetonSports dumped the Scottish-born CEO last Tuesday, a little more than a week after FBI agents nabbed him at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport as he waited with his wife to board a plane to Costa Rica.


If we don’t know who owns the site, I think that it is in fact “mysterious.” If no one knows about the site, then it is secret. Anything posted on the Internet is, by definition, not secret, though much of it should be.

The site, which is at, is pretty much along the lines of, in that it has information about the CEO’s legal case and related links.

Carruthers, it appears, is making his trial an issue not of violating the law, but of the justice of that law. While that strategy didn’t work for Cohen, there is far much more exposure to Internet gaming today, so there’s a chance it might work.

There’s another article about the Carruthers case from the Washington Post today that gives a good summary of everything to date.

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