Bear with me

Regular readers might know that I’ve got a strange fascination with weird animal stories (remember the mystery mammal?) and it should be obvious that I write a great deal about casinos. So I’m all over a story that combines both. From the AP:

A Lake Tahoe casino that promotes a “habitat for everything wild” found truth in advertising over the weekend when a wayward bear wandered in through a rear loading dock.

The 150 pound yearling walked around employee hallways at MontBleu Resort Casino and Spa early Saturday and sauntered toward a cafeteria before it scurried out the way it came in, apparently frightened off by several workers, employee Earl Zeller told the Tahoe Daily Tribune.

In one MontBleu television commercial, a cocktail waitress walks past urban-dressed guests in lounge, then throws a fresh fish to a waiting bear.

“Evidently the bears out there heard the story that bears can be fed at the nightclub at MontBleu,” Zeller quipped. “I guess we reached our target audience.”

General Manager Patrick Basney said employees got a laugh from the incident but also recognized the “need to secure our area a little better.”

Montbleu is the former Caesars Tahoe.

Bear wanders into Lake Tahoe casino

Even bears avoid casino cafeteria food, especially on grave shift.

I want to know what “urban-dressed” means. Wearing clothes suitable for a city? As opposed to hunting camo or backpacking gear?

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