With friends like these…

I could have sworn that a few years ago the Berlin Wall fell, the Soviet Union broke up, and Russia became an American ally. I guess I was misremembering, because Pravda’s printing some of the most inflammatory anti-Bush stuff I’ve seen this side of the New York Times, complete with what might be the most unflattering picture of any US president ever. The headline itself is priceless:Bush to abuse power more than any president in history

There are other hard-hitting stories, like this expose: Instant coffee can never be compared to real coffee made of coffee beans

It’s not every paper that has a photo spread on “Pamela Anderson and her men.” Apparently Doyle Brunson is one of her men, as seen here. And there’s another newsworthy photo spread of “the most beautiful stripper in the world” (not work safe).

There are also some breaking stories in news, including “Anna Kournikova lazing around on a yacht” and “People can work masterpireces with empty cans.”

With global conflict growing every day, I hate to see what Pravda online would do during a slow news week. There’s even a whole section for weapons, including a bit on dog soliders.

I thought I was going to do a completely non-gaming piece there, but thanks to the ubiquity of poker Doyle gave it at least a tangential connection.

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