Vegasized pools

I was reading an interesting piece on the increasingly elaborate backyard pools of SoCal when I was struck by a reference to Las Vegas. From the LA Times:

Today homeowners have moved well beyond the simple requirement of a hole in the ground. Instead, they crave Las Vegas-style amusements: remote-controlled flames, sound-activated dancing lights and the illusion of endless water. They want custom tile and real stone, architectural lines that match the house, and artwork and antiques near the waterline.

LAPS OF LUXURY – Los Angeles Times

So Las Vegas is now a byword for ornate display? I guess it makes sense. It’s more evidence that the image of the city continues to evolve. Once, a Vegas-style pool would have 99-cent shrimp cocktail and a bust of Elvis behind the diving board. In the 1990s, it would have had a miniature pirate battle. Now, it’s just expensive and technologically sophisticated–an illusion, but created by real wealth.

When are people going to start building Atlantic City-style pools? And what would they look like? How about Reno-style pools?

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