More AC Monopoly

Here’s another update on that Atlantic City/Monopoly thing. All across the country, there were rallies and protests connected to immigration. Atlantic City, a city of immigrants, will be galvanized today by a rally over a board game. From the AC Press:

The city that used to have a monopoly on Monopoly will host a rally today trying just to get back into the game.

The rally, organized by the Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority, is designed to pressure the maker of the popular board game to find a place for Atlantic City in its plans for an update of the classic version.

The event is set for noon today at Kennedy Plaza on the Boardwalk. It will feature Mr. Peanut, a petition and probably several politicians protesting plans by Hasbro, the maker of Monopoly, to release a new version of the game based on famous landmarks in cities around the country — none of them in Atlantic City, the home of the original Monopoly game.

Visitors to the rally will be invited to sign an oversized petition asking Hasbro to “keep Atlantic City on the board,” but anyone concerned about the issue can also sign online before May 12. The ACCVA’s petition can be accessed through The Press of Atlantic City Web site:

The petitions are also available at the information centers in Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall and at mile 3.5 on the Atlantic City Expressway.

A.C. to host rally for spot on new Monopoly board

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to reprise my role as Mr. Peanut to show my support for the rally. Actually, since I’m writing this as 3:15 Pacific time, it happened six hours ago. I hope it went well.

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