Maybe she doesn’t always win…

I’m taking a second foray into celeb gossip because…I don’t know. I’ve got a real story I’ll post later. But take this wonderfully-inaccurate story with a grain of salt. From BANG via AZcentral:

Paris Hilton has been banned from her own casino and ordered into gambling rehab.

The socialite’s parents, Rick and Kathy, have barred her from playing in their Paris Hotel and Casino, which was named after her, after she gambled away her $180,000 Bentley car.

Now the hotel heiress has been ordered by her parents to seek help for her alleged problem, according to Britain’s Daily Star newspaper.

he 25-year-old ‘Simple Life’ star developed her penchant for gambling after spending the last few months playing poker in Las Vegas tournaments with her sister Nicky.

Paris revealed: “I’m obsessed with poker. It’s my favourite game now. I’m lucky in Vegas. I always win.”

But her lucky streak ran out after she lost her Bentley GT in a high risk poker game.

Paris agreed to stay away from the city’s famous strip of casinos but has now reportedly taken up internet gambling to get her thrills.

Paris Hilton’s gambling out of control

First of all, unless something has drastically changed, Harrah’s Entertainment owns Paris Las Vegas, not Rick and Kathy Hilton.

Second, I don’t think you can wager a car in a poker room in a Nevada casino. I was going to call a poker room to confirm, but I’m too busy. If anyone knows for sure, post a comment, but as far as I’m aware, you must bet with chips. How would they calculate the rake from a car, anyway?

Third, Paris Las Vegas doesn’t have a poker room, though Bally’s next door does.

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