Penn is cool with me

That’s Penn National Gaming, not the school, though the school is just fine, as well, and as an alum I officially encourage all high schoolers with a record of academic excellence to consider Penn.

But this is a note of appreciation for the gaming company, which is much larger than most people think, and which has something many other companies do not: a detailed timeline history on the web. I’m slogging my way through the UNLV Gaming Abstract, and I’ve gotten all the way to Penn National Gaming, which is why I care so much about this today.

I’ve burned hours poring over 10-K reports looking for details about when properties were acquired, etc, for other companies. And here Penn has provided all that info in one convenient place. If all other companies did this, I wouldn’t have to put together this abstract.

I’ll still check this out against the 10-K–there might be a few important things that they left out. But if you want to see why this is great, click the link below:

Company History / Timeline – Penn National Gaming, Inc.

Anybody going to the Red Rock opening tonight?

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