Great lead-in

I never watch those red carpet shows where someone critiques what people are wearing at various awards shows, but I’ve gathered that they just make all kinds of catty comments and allow people sitting at home shoveling down Ben and Jerry’s ice cream feel aestetichally superior to professional actressses with teams of designers, hair, and make-up artists behind them.

This lead-in for an article about the Riveria seems a bit in that vein. From the LVRJ:

Juggling gauchos, an assortment of drag queens and one tired topless revue apparently can’t pack in fans like they used to.

And that’s bad news for the parent company of the Riviera. — Business – Riviera shows its age; earnings skid

I’ve got to respectfully disgree that drag queens aren’t money-making machines. According to many sources, Dragapella at the Las Vegas Hilton is a hit.

I also like the idea of a “tired topless review.” I picture dozens of artfully half-nude women lolling around on stage, barely keeping their eyes open. Incredibly enough, a Google search yields 366 results for “tired topless” so maybe this is a niche market the Riviera should explore.

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