AI unleashed!

When I worked at the Trump Taj Mahal, I saw many Philly and New York sports stars gambling and having fun, often within a few hours after games. Anyone who works in AC probably has stories to tell.

That’s why it’s strange that this made the paper. From the San Jose Mercury News:

On a late-night visit to the Trump Taj Mahal after the Sixers bested the Charlotte Bobcats Friday, sources say Iverson, after winning a hand at a three-card-stud poker table, was overpaid $10,000 in chips by a dealer.

When the dealer quickly realized the mistake and requested the chips back, Iverson, we’re told, refused to hand `em over and a head-turning argument between him and casino staff began.

The Taj on Wednesday declined to comment about the incident.

But a top executive at another casino told us yesterday that if and when a gaming house makes a payout mistake, a player must give back any money that was not legitimately won by the bettor.

This is not the first time that Iverson, who often visits the Taj Mahal for late-night play, has made a scene in Atlantic City.

We reported in February 2004 that a pro-athlete who plays at the Wachovia Center had urinated in a trash can at Bally’s Park Place in full view of staff and patrons. The urinator, whom we didn’t name at the time, was Iverson, and he was told by the casino not to return.

KRT Wire | 12/14/2005 | Report: Iverson, casino staff clash over over-payment

In my tenure at the Taj, I recall a major NY sports figure being underpaid several thousand dollars by a cashier once. He didn’t notice, and the casino staff had to track him down to get him to take his money. So the pendulum swings both ways.

I’m surprised that AI was 86ed from Bally’s (allegedly) after publicly urinating. I’ve personally seen high rollers welcomed back after doing this, so I’m a little skeptical about that story.

If you were a big enough player, you could probably relieve yourself in the Bellagio fountain at the climax of the dancing fountains number and be happily asked to come back for a few more hands of baccarat. It’s amazing what money can do.

People say that the difference between being “crazy” and “eccentric” is an economic one: what might get a workign stiff sent to an asylum “for his own protection” is written off as a mere eccentricity in somelike, oh…Howard Hughes.

Here’s a soundbite along those same lines:

The biggest difference between “disorderly conduct” and “rowdy enthusiasm” in a casino is a $100,000 marker.

Seriously, things that would get the low-rolling casino patron asked to leave and maybe formally evicted might get a high roller politely asked to chill out in his suite for a while.

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