Stealing sleep

This didn’t happen in Atlantic County, but it’s close enough to count. Here’s more proof that the truth is indeed stupider than fiction. From the AC Press:

A Long Island, N.Y., woman formerly of Manahawkin was charged with burglary Saturday after allegedly breaking into a Parker Avenue home and stealing jewelry before falling asleep on her victim’s couch.

Christine DeRosa, 54, of Bridgehampton, N.Y., is being held at the Ocean County jail in lieu of $15,000 bail and outstanding warrants.

The homeowners, whom the police did not identify, called police at about 8 p.m. after returning to their residence and reportedly finding DeRosa fast asleep on their living room couch.

Police said the victim’s jewelry was recovered, but did not say whether they found it on DeRosa’s person.

Woman arrested for burglary after falling asleep on couch

I can actually see how this happened. People fall asleep on my couch all the time because it’s just so comfortable. So it’s not so hard to imagine that, after being so stressed in the hours leading up to the burglary, she laid down on the couch to rest before heading home and fell asleep.

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