Pope-mobile at Las Vegas Hilton

Have you ever wanted to check out the pope’s wheels? Here’s your chance, thanks to a hot tip from the Las Vegas Hilton:

Kruse International will auction Pope John Paul II’s personal vehicle, a 1975 Ford Escort GL, at the 32nd Annual Las Vegas Fall Auction at the Las Vegas Hilton (October 28&29). He is believed to be the only Pope who had a personal vehicle during his papacy. He also sold the car during his papacy.

So if you haven’t been able to track down the phaeton of Sixtus V, this might be the best chance for you to own a genuine papal vehicle.

This will probably be the most expensive ’75 Ford Escort in history. I wonder if it has an 8-track player and, if so, the pope left any cassettes in the car?

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