Gambling can lead to deviationism?

According to one Malaysian parliamentarian, gambling leads to superstition. From The Star:

-In the kampung, when people want to win numbers games, they go to see the bomoh and even make offerings to trees so that their numbers will come up winners.

-All this shows that gambling can make people carry out deviationist practices,” said Datuk Badruddin Amiruldin (BN Jerai) who queried whether Malaysia, as an Islamic country, should continue to enourage gambling.

Finance Ministry parliamentary secretary Datuk Hilmi Yahaya in reply said he was amazed that Badruddin was an expert on these matters.

He said gambling was a matter of individual choice.
Gambling can lead to superstition, says MP

I think both men are right–gambling is a matter of personal choice, but throughout history gamblers have been supremely superstitious.

Gambling has always been a way of dealing with the unknown, just like superstition.

In other news, the Powerball lottery here in the US is up to a whopping $340 million. Do you think anyone’s rubbing their lucky rabbit’s feet?

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