A center I’d like to visit

Academic centers dealing with gambling have rather prosaic names: Reno has Bill Eadington’s excellent Institute for the Study of Gambling and Commercial Gaming; a consortium of Canadian universities has the Alberta Gaming Research Institute; and of course there is my own Center for Gaming Research. Not too flashy, but you get the picture: people studying gambling.

Anyway, I was scanning the day’s gambling news when I learned of Denmark’s contribution to the study of gambling: the Centre for Gambling Mania.

I wonder if Hulk Hogan is an emeritus research fellow there and says things like, “What are you gonna do, brother, when gambling mania runs wild on you?”

The Centre for Gambling Mania…until I can list a guest lecture sponsored by them on my C.V., my life will be incomplete.

The Centre figures in a story about gambling age limits in Denmark, BTW.

From DR Hyheder:

The Danish Gaming Service is considering introducing banning access to betting shops for children under 16 and the proposal has been met with support by many MPs.

It would mean that in future, only the over 16s would be allowed to buy scratch cards or bet. But the leader of the Centre for Gambling Mania believes that 16 is still too young.

Although the Centre has no precise figures on how many young people are addicted to gambling, recent surveys in Norway have revealed that up to 11,000 teenagers are keen gamblers.
DR Nyheder Online – English – Gaming Service to lower gambling age

I’m a little dubious of any entity that estimates the numbers of “keen gamblers” in a certain demographic, but I hope that the Centre for Gambling Mania does exist (I found no web references to it outside of this article). If you are in Denmark or know anyone involved with the Centre, contact me immediately: I’d like to add the Centre to my Center’s list of centers and inquire about the possibilities of a guest lecture.

Speaking of guest lectures, if you’ve got a conference coming through Las Vegas anytime soon (or want to pay travel costs elsewhere), I’ve got plenty of dates available for speaking.

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