Nowhere, PA

Some people think that the perfect place to live does not exist. They’re wrong–it’s Moorestown, NJ, according to Money magazine. With average SAT scores of over 1150, students there, I’m sure, will have no problem overcoming the stigma of being from New Jersey.

It’s a stigma, to be sure. As a native of Atlantic City, New Jersey, I’m doubly stigmatized. If I tell people I’m from New Jersey, they inevitably say something stupid like, “Oh, you’re from JOISEY!” I just look at them and say yeah, but I don’t talk like that because I’m from South Jersey, so I have more of a Philadelphia/Baltimore accent. On the other hand, if I say that I’m from Atlantic City, they usually laugh and then are nice enough to spend the next five minutes explaining to me what a total shithole it is because “I saw something on TV a few years ago that said there was still a lot of problems there.”

Nice move, buster–you’ve just managed to, within mintues of meeting someone, insult the place that his family has called home for three generations. You might want to look up the definition of tact.

Anyway, the real news here is that the best place to live in the US is no mirage, the 28th best is. Really.


The folks who live in Money magazine’s 28th best town in the United States don’t have to worry about lots of folks moving in and ruining things for them.

That’s because the “town” in question — Wexford — doesn’t exist.

Wexford is a post office designation for parts of Pine, Franklin Park, McCandless and Marshall — four communities in Pittsburgh’s North Hills suburbs. As such, Wexford doesn’t have borders, a mayor — nor does any entity known as Wexford collect taxes. Maybe that’s why it made Money’s list.

Seriously though, Money rated the Wexford area the 28 best place to live in the nation based on the above-average incomes of those who live there, increasing real estate values and rising population.

Pa. Town On ‘Best Towns’ List Does Not Exist – News –

Interesting stuff. Also, for those of you who couldn’t get enough of Frank Rizzo, WCAU has a whole hour of Rizzo video. Don’t ask me why. Maybe someone stayed up late watching the Jerky Boys and thought it was the only way to rescue the name of one of the most influential Philadelphians in recent history.

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