Cutting the Wire is here (virtually)!

You can’t read it yet, but you can pre-order it from at an incredible price: $16.47 for all 296 pages. Of course, if you want to buy the hardcover for $49.95, I’m not going to stop you.

It’s still under construction, but you can check out my very own Cutting the Wire section to learn more about the book.

I’m really amazed that the book is available this inexpensively. Routledge has raised the price of Suburban Xanadu and amazon, for some reason, has raised it even further. I was starting to think that I was going to be totally priced out of the market.

If you order now, you’ll probably get the book in August. For a sneak peak of the chapter titles, check my annotated table of contents. I’ll be posting reviews as I find out about them. Books: Cutting the Wire: Gaming Prohibition And the Internet (The Gambling Studies Series)

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