Returning to the moon…from the Flamingo

Decades after the last humans walked on the moon, people still want to go back. I can’t say I blame them. You might think that those planning lunar colonies would be holed up in labratories in Boston or Northern California, but, for the third weekend in July anyway, you’d be wrong. They’ll be at the Flamingo Las Vegas.


The time for fantastical ideas is coming to a close. The time for tangible results has arrived. Though only in its infancy, the commercial human spaceflight industry is real. Normal, every day people will soon be making their way into space aboard privately financed spaceships. Some have suggested that the Moon represents an equally exciting opportunity for eventual commercial development.

At the same time, NASA has a mandate to return to the Moon under the new Vision for Space Exploration (VSE). This mandate also includes a partnership with the private sector.

Recognizing the critical nature of this discussion to the country’s future, the Space Frontier Foundation presents Return to the Moon VI, “Reality Check.” This conference will be the point where the entrepreneurial space development community and NASA’s exploration agenda intersect. All discussions will be focused on what we are doing and what we can do in space within the next decade; leaving longer, idealized concepts behind, hence the, “Reality Check.”

Attendees will have the opportunity to meet the people in NASA, the private sector, and the space advocacy community who are actually making things happen. Topics to be discussed will include Earth to Orbit as well as in-space transportation, lunar habitation and infrastructure development and operations, perspective business models and opportunities related to lunar development, legal, policy, and regulatory issues, the key role of international players in enabling the development of the Moon, critical enabling technologies for lunar development, and an analysis of past attempts to spur space development and exploration that have proven unsuccessful.

The conference will also feature a number of high level government and industry speakers to be announced shortly. Register Now for Return to the Moon VI.

Return to the Moon – RTM Conference VI

The group has been meeting in Vegas for a while now–last year they were at the Westin–but I can’t help but think that the conference would be enlivened by a lunchtime speaker who could talk about the evolution of gaming and casinos. So if you are at all connected with this conference (or any other ones, for that matter) hire me to speak! I put on a high-energy presentation that answers all the questions about gambling. I’ll even break down the various games and their odds and give your participants an introduction to the casino. Want to know where the slot machines with the best odds are? Let me speak and find out.

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