Macau: More than just gambling

Most people associate Macau with gambling, but according to the Rugged Elegance Inspiration Network, you can get some nice clothes made there, too.

From the REIN:

is expected to surpass Las Vegas this year as the world’s biggest gambling market.

Unless you are in the gaming business, you would never guess that the territory’s casinos had become such a draw for the newly affluent mainland Chinese people.

Approximately 4,000 Chinese are attracted to gambling and have the means to do so.

Steve Wynn, who just opened a $2.7 billion Wynn Las Vegas last month in conjunction with the city’s centennial celebration, is also building a casino in Macau. Wynn’s Macau resort is expected to debut in 2006. Period!

The former Portuguese colony expects to bring in more than $5 billion in gambling revenue this year.

The Rugged Elegance Inspiration Network: Tailors, Temples, Trishaws & Gambling in Macau

I’m amazed that $5 billion in revenue will come from 4000 gamblers. Talk about whales!

The article is pretty informative. I had lunch at the restaurant they went to, where I learned that Ox Tail Soup is actually pretty good. I will definitely go back next time I am in town. Plus, I now know where to get a few suits made.

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