The pope’s blogsite?

If the new pope wants to buy his own domain name and start a blog, he’s going to have to deal with a crafty web wizard who has just snapped up the name “” Good news, though: even if the pope doesn’t buy the domain, it won’t become another Texas Hold’Em site–but not for lack of trying.

From Reuters:

An American who registered the Internet name before the new Pope was chosen said Wednesday he had not worked out what to do with it but was pretty sure it would be a sin to sell it to a pornographer.

Florida resident Rogers Cadenhead, who describes himself on his Web site as the author of several technology books, said on his site that he registered six domain names earlier this month based on names he thought the new pope might pick.

As well as Benedict XVI — the name chosen by German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger on his election Tuesday — Cadenhead registered for a nominal fee,,, and

An attempt to visit redirects the reader to Cadenhead’s own Web site, on which he rejects the suggestion that he might be planning to cash in by selling the site to pornographers since they would be willing to pay most for it.

“For the love of God, people, that’s not going to happen,” Cadenhead said. “I will be running any plans I have for this domain by my own Catholic doctrinal enforcer, my never-miss-a-Sunday grandmother Rita.”

Cadenhead said he was considering his options for the site but if the Pope’s people were to approach him to discuss taking over the site he might make a few requests of the Vatican including “one of those hats” and “world peace.”

“I’ve received an offer from a gambling site. I’m pretty sure that’s a bad idea, ecclesiastically speaking,” he added.

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I love how the world has to adapt to new technology. In addition to leading the world’s Catholics, the pope now has to worry about getting a website domain name.

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