Birthday wishes!

While browsing Harrah’s website, I decided to sign up to get email updates about properties. I already get them from most casino companies, and I figured that it might be a good idea to do the same for the soon-to-be world’s largest. I gave my email, the name of “UNLV Special Collections, and a birthdate sometime in March 1957 (the year the university was “born”).

So imagine my delight this morning when I got an email offering a Happy Birthday From Harrah’s.

I like the idea of “UNLV” celebrating its birthday at a Harrah’s casino.

Speaking of data mining and whatnot, a few months ago I signed up for several player cards, giving my university address, in the hopes of getting promotional mailings, etc to add to the archives. I’ve gotten nothing from MGM Mirage, only this birthday greeting from Harrah’s, and not much else from assorted other Reno and Atlantic City casinos.

I’ve got to say that my experiences in signing up for my Total Rewards card were a little underwhelming. I’ve read so much about the resources Harrah’s has spent developing their system, so I was taken aback when the player’s club rep at Harrah’s Atlantic City told me there wasn’t space in the system for a second address line. When I told here that without that line I couldn’t reliably get any mailings, she just shrugged and looked at the line of people behind me. I never got any contact based on that card, and only got this email in my role as “UNLV Special Collections.”

The casino that has been most reponsive to my information needs is the little-heralded Treasure Bay in Biloxi. The jolly pirates there regularly send me emails offering me nice room discounts and invitations to events like the Tax Man Blues Slot Tournament. And all I did was admire the pirate ship while I was there–I didn’t play a penny.

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