Casino operator gets death sentence

It’s illegal casinos, to be sure, but that headline is still pretty scary. The moral: don’t break the law in China.

From ABC Radio Australia:

An entertainment and property tycoon in China’s southeast Fujian province has been sentenced to death for running a prostitution and gambling ring involving 50 government officials.

Chen Kai has been sentenced at a court in Fuzhou, the city where he committed his crimes.

The China Daily reports he was found to be the head of a 21-member gang that ran thinly-disguised casinos and brothels while bribing local government officials to look the other way.

In what is considered the biggest case of collusion between gangsters and officials in Fuzhou, Chen eventually paid a total of $US1 million to 50 different officials to protect his racket.

Chinese tycoon sentenced to death over casino, brothel business

I heard rumors about this kind of thing when I was in Macau, and I guess the rumors were true. I’m guessing that criminal conspiracy is one thing you don’t want to involve yourself in China. I don’t imagine that the officials involved will be placed on leave with pay, either.

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