Macau Milestone

The Macau SAR is five years old today. Macau has been around for centuries, of course, but five years ago it reverted to Chinese rule.

From the VOA:

Chinese President Hu Jintao hailed the success of the “one-country, two systems” policy in Macau Monday, as he led 5th anniversary celebrations of the former Portuguese enclave’s return to China. But the Chinese leader expressed dissatisfaction with the leadership of Hong Kong.

On his first visit to Macau as China’s president, Hu Jintao praised the territory’s record in the five years since its return to Chinese sovereignty.

The territory, administered by Portugal for more than 400 years, is enjoying an unprecedented economic boom, fueled by foreign investments in its recently liberalized gambling industry.

Mr. Hu says time has proven that the “one country, two systems” formula is, in his words, “entirely correct”.

Chinese President Praises Macau, Criticizes Hong Kong

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This is a major feather in the cap for Macau. Hosting a state visit of this level is an incredible step forward, and augurs well for continuing mainland cooperation with Macau’s efforts to become an international tourist destination.

As the comment below from Flo@KNPR shows, I recorded a commentary for KNPR about Macau. Some of it might sound familiar to readers. Here it is:

Dave’s Macau KNPR commentary


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