Better late than never?

As came up in a discussion at the local United Blood Services center yesterday, people who move to Nevada know what they’re getting into–gambling, and lots of it. Gambling at supermarkets, at gas stations, and even at casino coffee shops thanks to the magic of keno. But Nevada Assembly Speaker Richard Perkins is showing why that body meets only once every two years: he’s proposing that the 2005 Legislature waste time increasing the statutory distance between casinos and schools or churches.

From KRNV, Reno’s NBC affiliate:

Nevada Assembly Speaker Richard Perkins wants to expand the required distance between a casino and schools or churches.

Perkins has asked for a bill for the 2005 Legislature to increase the current minimum distance of 1,500 feet. He’s unsure what the new distance should be, and says, “We’ll see what the community is desirous of.”

A 1997 state law sets up the casino location restriction for Clark County. A state regulation says the Nevada Gaming Commission may deny a license to a casino if it locates near churches, schools and playgrounds. It doesn’t list a specific distance.

Nevada speaker proposes casino location limits

I would think that with 211,621 licensed “gambling devices” in the state, it’s a little late to discuss limited the spread of casinos.

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